UPVC Repairs

Our skilled locksmiths work with UPVC doors and are more than qualified to undertake UPVC repairs to your door and window locks if they stop working or become ineffective. In a situation when your door is incapable of locking while in the open position, this is an indicator of a failed locking mechanism and the solution to this is to get a new locking mechanism. If this has happened to your doors, it would be a wise decision to contact our specialists and let them take care of your problem for you.

Most modern UPVC doors come with a multi lock function. When this multi lock mechanisms was still in its infancy, most of them were largely ineffective, but with time new and more effective versions took over and replaced the initial inferior ones. Most people at the time also thought that these multi locks were maintenance free but this was a gross misconception. In this new day and age, the hook locks and strikes have proved to be more secure due to the fact that the strikers run the length of the door. These strikers serve as suitable replacements for the older models when and if they happen to break. They can also be used when the older models become damaged as a result of wear and tear or repeated blunt force. At Locksmith Blackburn, we understand this and are ready to perform these services should you require us to. This has also become common knowledge to insurers who have become aware of the availability of better locking systems for UPVC doors.

At Locksmith Blackburn, we understand how to diagnose issues with your UPVC doors. For instance while it is impossible to lock your door while it remains closed and at the same time it is impossible to lock your door while it is in an open position, this could be an indicator that your door needs some alignment. Given the heavy nature of UPVC doors, it is very possible for them to drop of from their hinges making it difficult for them to lock due the low position of the locking mechanism. At Locksmith Blackburn, we are capable of performing adjustments on the hinges which ensures that the door locks in it proper place and with the least amount of force. This means that you day feels as good as new.

At Locksmith Blackburn, we can perform this procedure with relative ease. This procedure may at times require more than just the mere alignment of the hinges and call for the straightening of the door that has fallen from its original alignment. This procedure can only be performed by expert locksmiths like Locksmith Blackburn who are capable of aligning the door perfectly to the specified degrees of alignment. This process requires the heating of the plastic and remolding of the areas that require repair. If the job is performed to perfection, the damage on the door will be done away with leaving the door in mint condition.

Locksmith Blackburn is a provider of UPVC repair services in the Blackburn locality. Locksmith Blackburn has been providing UPVC repair services to the residents of Blackburn for some years now. Call our offices to get free quotes on our UPVC services.

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